Innovation Experts

We are a team of two experienced design experts , that unlock the value of teams and fundamentally change the way they operate.

Goal directed

Did you ever wonder if there is a simple and more modern approach, to work on digital products and product features? Why should a project take 6-12 Months when you can have the answer in 4-5 Days.

We have been digital and innovative from the first day on. Working agile and adapting new frameworks to ourselves and our clients successfully. We don't waste your Time.

Companies need to move and ship fast to learn from the market and iterate.

We are doing Strategic Product Sprints, Design Sprints,  Design Thinking Sessions, Lightning Decision Jams, Brand Sprints, and Branding Strategy Sessions.

We take parts of those processes, frameworks and make it unique. We focus mainly on digital products & strategies and digital product design. Why?
Because only solving decorative problems won't help your product nor your company.

What is Innovation

Our Vision

The design sprint allows you to validate your idea with real users and a real prototype in the short span of 5 days. Benefits can be huge if you build a solution that resonates with real people. If you invalidate your product idea early, you  save month of development time and a lot of money that can now be devoted to other projects.

After the Design Sprint, you have a clickable prototype that represents the teams' collective and voted solution to the problem. The prototype can be used to aid communication across design, business and software development teams so that the risk of delay and miscommunication is mitigated.

Workshop Design Sprint

The InnovationDuo

Sofia Jacobs

Sofia - Founder

With background in UX and Product Design.


Gero - Co-founder

With background in UX and development.

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